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Below are some links that you might find interesting and very informative if you have been reading all about Tipsy House.

This is a band that Kevin and Jack are also in that features the lovely voice of Rebecca Marculescu with beautiful arrangements by Junji Shirota.

Jody's Heaven
Formed as a band that Junji Shirota wanted to take on tour to Japan, "Jody's Heaven" featured the master fiddle playing of Dale Russ, and the concertina & flute playing of Jack Gilder. Included on this site are sound samples from two recordings the group has produced, as well as biographical information about Junji, Dale, and Jack.

Lief Sorbye
He played with "Golden Bough" and is now the founder of the Bay Area's leading celtic rock band, "Tempest." But at one time he and Jack Gilder thought it might be a good idea to get together with Scott Renfort and form a Irish trad group known as... "Tipsy House."

Danny Carnahan
Our friend Danny has a lot going on. Besides being a writer, artist, blogmaster, and founder of the popular celtic - Grateful Dead fusion group: "Wake the Dead"... he has the dubious distinction of having played with Tipsy House.

Elisa Welch
She describes herself as a,"countercultural ethnomusician who specializes in Left Coast Neo-Celtic Folk"... but we like to think of her as one of our Tipsy House alumni.

Steve Baughman
Before he gave up strumming and started picking on the guitar, (finger picking that is), Steve had his hand at backing up the Tipsy Boys.

John Hicks
As part of his personal world tour in the mid 90s, John Hicks passed through San Francisco. He came just as Lief Sorbye was rock & rolling out of Tipsy House and became the band's guitar player for about 6 months or so. He went back to Ireland and later showed up in a great band called, "Lia Luachra."

Paul Chaffee
When Scott Renfort left Tipsy House, Paul Chaffee stepped in for a while during the band's transition between back-up players, Leif Sorbye, John Hicks, Danny Carnahan, Steve Baughman, Don Clark, Elisa Welch, and Junji Shirota. Visit his web site and find out what he's up to these days.

Plough Calendar
The home of traditional Irish music in the San Francisco Bay Area, "The Plough" is where Tipsy House performes on a regular basis. This is also where the Thursday night set dances happen.

Irish Traditional Music List
This is a discussion group that talks about everything connected with Irish traditional music. There are scholars in Ireland that have very interesting things to say... and then there's blokes like me there too. Take a look through the archives.

Lark Camp
This is the music camp that Jack and Richard teach at. Jack has been attending scince 1982, and it's where he first met Kevin Bernhagen. This camp features music from all over the word... and it's one fine party in the beautiful redwoods of Mendocino every year.

Comhaltas Ceoltóirí Éireann of San Francisco
The Cooley-Keegan San Francisco branch of CCÉ is where most of the set dancers come from at our Thursday night set dances at the plough & Stars pub. They have tons of other things that they're up to, and you can find out about them at this site.

Traditional Celtic Music In The Bay Area
Jim Scarriff's pages about the local celtic music scene with calendars and lots of good information.

Irish Music in San Francisco
The lovely Suki has a informative site here that includes information on seisiuns, music venues, events and such around the City.

How's the Craic? You can find out about the Irish Traditional music scene in the Southland at this site.

This is a comprehensive anglo concertina & Irish music news and information site hosted by Paul Schwartz.

Irish American Social Club of Sacramento
Find out what the Irish Americans living in Sacramento are up to.

Web Cam of Ennis
This is a place where I wish I was standing right now. If you see me there... be sure to wave.

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