KEVIN grew up in San Mateo, CA and started violin at age 11 when his 5th grade teacher recognized his potential and arranged for him to begin taking Suzuki lessons, which continued through high school. Kevin's classical music training eventually lead him to be a member of the California Youth Symphony from '81 - '84.

He discovered Irish music around '83 when he stumbled on the Thistle & Shamrock radio show, and began taking lessons from the well known and respected Irish fiddler Cait Reed. With a developing interest in Irish and Scotish traditional music he signed up for The Lark In The Morning music camp and The Valley of the Moon Scottish Fiddle School from '84 thru '93. While participating at the "Lark Camp", he was greatly influenced by the exquisite Irish fiddler, Dale Russ of Seattle Washinton.

Kevin met many fine musicians along the way and has played off and on with them for many years now mostly at The Plough & Stars pub in SF. He spent many a night listening, and then joining in on the tunes that were being played and enjoyed by the local players. With his excellent training and great attention to detail Kevin has established himself as one of the finest exponents of traditional Irish fiddling in the Bay Area.

One of the people Kevin met along the way is Tipsy House's concertina and flute player, Jack Gilder. Together with the band's guitarist, Richard Mandel, they have been playing at pubs and Set Dances for the last few years or so. Kevin and Jack also played together in a group with Junji Shirota, and singer, Rebecca Marculescu called, "Crónán,".

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